BCBG:A name full of life attitude, designer Max Azria to BCBG added to its own brand name, we can see its "BCBG" attention. "BCBG" is the French "Bon Chic Bon Genre" acronym, meaning refers to the fashion style and elegant attitude, which in addition to including the interpretation of fashion, also contains the attitude of life. Just over ten years, BCBG MAX AZRIA to continuously innovate high-quality fashion, the successful interpretation of the designer brand new glory.

BCBG design is full of American free style, but also with the delicate European. Max Azria focuses on all the good things in the world with appreciation, and believes that they are all gifts of God. As a designer, Max Azria is very willing to listen to their voice in the Mainland, as if the flowers bloom in the night the general subtle sound. More understanding of the needs of different women, so that they can be comfortable and rich and beautiful state of life. Weekly BCBG Max Azria will introduce the latest style of clothing, you can find them in the world BCBG store, the number is very limited, so worthy of collection. In the fabric, BCBG Max Azria will be based on the occasion of clothing to choose fabrics, evening wear, weekend casual wear, have their own suitable fiber fabric. Different fabrics often give inspiration, fingers touch the fabric of the moment, you can communicate with the outermost skin of mankind. Light skirt, fantastic colors, exquisitely carved shape, leaving people unlimited reverie space. People can return to nature through reverie. These pieces of color wonderful combination together, resulting in an abstract idea, this is the charm of clothing.

BCBG design is full of American free style, but also with the delicate European. From the design, you can find a variety of clothing styles to meet the different needs of women's life, so that women who focus on fashion, whether at work, dating, going out, or participating in the ball, from day to night, BCBG absolutely provide a variety of occasions Of the choice of clothes, which covers the evening feast, cowboy series, shoes, and other products.

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