kudos for skin therapy studio

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I was highly satisfied with my facial! Lisa is very sweet & professional. It's a tiny room all for you and I felt like I was in a little cocoon with the warm bed and dim lights. The chandelier above me was absolutely gorgeous and it helped to add to the relaxation of it all. I came in for a basic facial but upgraded for some extra treatments. It felt so nice the way Lisa used her techniques to apply the masks (she painted on my face with a tiny brush that felt like silk and it was like my skin was a piece of canvas) and all of the other things she did, of which I lost track because I was in such a state of semi-conscious zen. Smells of cherries and oranges and herbal euphoria wrapped my senses. The steam. The soft music. The comfort. It was just what I needed! I left with some samples from Dermalogica, a brand which I haven't tried before and so far I really like, so I may end up purchasing some products from Lisa. She isn't trying to sell the products but rather informing you on things that may help your skin. Overall, I was very pleased with the entire experience and the next time I need a facial I'm going here, for sure. I have had facials before at upscale spas and resorts, etc., for far more money, and this surpassed them by a long haul.

- Mel

Be prepared to feel immensely relaxed and have your skin feel amazing.

- Ellen


- Heather

Sooo relaxing. Amazing. Loved it! Lisa is amazing. My skin looks so good! She really takes the time to get to know your skin and what your skin needs.Be prepared to feel immensely relaxed and have your skin feel amazing.


Wonderful service and amazing person! Couldn't ask for a better time, especially for my first waxing.

- martina